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Why you can’t stay motivated

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How many times have you seen the word “motivation” today? Monday or not, it’s all over the place.

Everyone wants it, fitness gurus tell you they have the secret it to it, and no one thinks they have enough.

There are three components that I believe make up what most people think of as motivation.

Inspiration: This is that incredible video of someone who changed their life. It makes you feel great and ready to conquer the world. It’s someone’s fit pic on Instagram. It’s a song that moves you. Inspiration is like wind. It’s powerful and unpredictable.

Motivation: This is a feeling that gets you actually moving. You always have it with you, but it isn’t at the same level all the time. Motivation is like the tide. It’s low sometimes, and high sometimes, but it’s a constant. When it was high, it’s what made you get that gym  membership and even show up for a while.

Habit: This is the result of your motivation and inspiration. If you ride the currents of motivation and inspiration for a while, you’ll build a habit. Once it’s there, habit is what will save you when the wind isn’t blowing and the tide is low. You’ll do the things that get you closer to your goals not because you feel like it, but because that’s just what you do. You get up at 5 am for class – it’s a habit, and not doing it feels weird. You pack your food on Sundays because that’s what you do on Sundays. You don’t have to be motivated or inspired. Habit is your boat, and it has a sail to catch the inspiration, and it rides the waves of motivation, but it also has its own engine.

But you have to build it.