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What’s Up in 2019

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The new year is in full swing, and we’ve got a lot of great things coming your way at CrossFit Algiers. The best community deserves the best gym, and we are committed to doing more, being more and smashing it with you in 2019. Here’s a few of our latest initiatives:

Driven Nutrition products

I have spent two years trying to find the best nutrition supplements. Stuff I’d be proud to offer you guys, and stuff I would use myself. Driven Nutrition is the answer.  I love the chocolate and caramel latte protein, and the Charlotte’s Web hemp oil has really helped my anxiety. In addition to being the top quality supplement on the market, Driven Nutrition is key to the gym’s growth and our services to you. Retail is going to be an important part of our business for the remainder of 2019 and beyond. We know you have choices when it comes to the products you buy that support your goals in this gym, and we know you have your favorites. You don’t have to buy these products from us, but this line is going to be vital to our success moving forward. It’s how we’re going to grow our business, expand our facilities, purchase new equipment and hire new coaches. Stop by the desk and let us make you a free sample before you buy elsewhere. If you like the products (and we think you will), we’d love your support and we’ll do our best to maintain a good inventory. If not, we’re grateful for the opportunity. Either way, we want your honest feedback. You can see all the Driven Nutrition products here, but we can sell them to you at even better prices.

Free Seminars

We are planning for several free or low-cost seminars this year from the best experts to help you in every aspect of your fitness. Coming up this month, we have athlete and LMT, PSI Odette Harmsen educating us on CrossFit and Fascia: What’s Fascia got to do with it?
Odette is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association member, and she’ll be answering questions like:
“How do I regain mobility and reduce pain by lengthening the fascia?” and “How do I optimize posture and movement and rebalance the entire body?”
All will be revealed Feb 16, 9 am, at CrossFit Algiers.
Odette has worked around the world as a Physiotherapist for 39 years. Currently she is an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration in New Orleans.

Later in the year, we’ll see Coach Missy sharing her expertise in gymnastics (she just finished the high-level CrossFit gymnastics seminar,) and also we’ll welcome back Physical Therapist Lynn Grimm to help you train and recover more effectively.

Facility Improvements

You’ve probably seen the awesome family photos we now have up in the gym, but that’s just the beginning. We plan to purchase new ski erg machines – perfect for anyone who has a lower extremity limitation. They are a big investment for the gym, but we want to make sure you have every opportunity to train, even if you develop an injury or limitation. We’re also planning an upgrade to our bathrooms, and to the front member area of the gym. We want the gym to be good looking and well organized, just like our athletes.

There’s a lot of cool stuff coming your way, so make sure to stay engaged so you don’t miss a thing. Each member at CrossFit Algiers contributes something unique to the mix that makes it the best community anywhere. Stay tuned, and stay active.

Yours in fitness,

Coach Jodi