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Westbank Warrior of the Month – September 2019

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Name: Cecily White


Age:  42


Occupation: Elementary School Principal


Which class do you usually attend?

5:15 am, but I switch it up from time to time


Favorite WOD:

I love a good Partner Chipper.  There is that bit of anxiety, because I don’t want to let my partner down; however, I tend to push myself a little more for the same reason.


Favorite Lift: Back squat


How long have you been at CrossFit Algiers?

Since September of last year.  Almost a year.


What keeps you coming back?

CFA is like a family.  Everyone makes you feel at home here.  The coaches and other athletes are so encouraging, and are truly invested in helping you achieve your goals.


How did you find CrossFit? 

I found CrossFit when I was sitting in the Chubbie’s drive-thru, thinking to myself it was sign from God that I had no business ordering anything from Chubbie’s.  As chubby as I was, I needed to be at CrossFit. J


What is your athletic background?

I played tennis as a kid, but have never considered myself an athlete.  I have been overweight my entire adult life, and have enrolled in various fitness programs and boot camps in the past. I would lose a few pounds and then lose my motivation, but this is the first time that I have ever remained committed to anything.


How has CrossFit Algiers changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness?  

CrossFit made me realize that I had been placing limits on my body, and had been talking myself of out of doing things that I absolutely can do.  It has taught me that I can train to do almost anything. My fitness is now a priority. I look forward to my workouts.  I’m also paying closer attention to the food choices that I make.

Is there something you have done here that you never thought you could do?

I am a runner now! I ran my first 5K as a result of participating on the CrossFit Algiers Endurance Team with Coach Rhonda.  I am lifting weights.  I’m paying closer attention to the food choices that I make.  I have managed to lose about 30 lbs since starting CrossFit, and I’m looking forward to losing more.


What motivates/inspires you?

I’m both motivated and inspired by being around other motivated athletes who are crushing their goals. I am also motivated to stay on my fitness journey when I see the progress that I have made in my performance and my physique.


Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through CrossFit Algiers?

I would like to reach my ideal weight.


What goals have you achieved at CrossFit Algiers?

I have lost weight, and improved my strength and endurance.


Hobbies/interests outside of CrossFit

Outside of CrossFit, I enjoy running, watching movies, and internet shopping.


Tell me about your diet: 

My diet consists of mostly keto with carb cycling.  I basically eat carbs about twice a week.


Any advice for someone thinking about trying CrossFit Algiers?

Just do it.  You won’t know how much you are going to love it until you try it.  This gym will change your life.


Any advice for new members?

CrossFit is hard, but commit to consistency for 1 month, and I promise you will want to keep going, because you will be so amazed by the things you are doing that you never thought you would be able to do.