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Westbank Warrior of the Month – May 2019

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Name: John Frank

Age: 34

Occupation: CPA

Which class do you usually attend? 6:15 pm and 10:00am Saturdays

Favorite WOD: Murph and Tabata workouts

Favorite Lift: Back Squat

How long have you been CrossFitting? I have been at CrossFit Algiers since January of 2018.  I also did CrossFit 4 years ago for a couple months at another box.

What keeps you coming back? My daughter.  I was headed down a bad path with my weight and health prior to starting Crossfit.  Wanting to be around to see her life’s journey definitely keeps me coming back.

How did you find CrossFit? In 2017, i tried to get control on my own at a regular gym.  I was motivated in January but by February I fell off track.  I realized I needed help, that a regular gym just wouldn’t work for me. I had done CrossFit before and saw that a new Box had opened in Algiers.   I saw a Facebook ad In December of 2017 for CrossFit Algiers Foundations Class and decided to sign up for the two week class to see if I could handle it.

What is your athletic background? I’ve played organized sports all my life.  I played soccer in high school.  I still play volleyball once a week.

How has CrossFit Algiers changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness? CrossFit Algiers has given me my life back.  I feel like I have taken control of my life and the direction I want it to go now.  I understand so much more about nutrition than I ever did before.  I actually weigh my food and servings before I eat.  I track what I am eating.  I have gone from having to row or walk when I started here to actually running extra before and after workouts.  I even have done a 5k and will be doing another one in a month.

Is there something you have done here that you never thought you could do? Run a 5k.  I have never liked running, so I have never ever wanted to run a 5k.  However, some of my fellow 6:15ers encouraged me to sign up with them for one last month and I am so thankful that they did. I really enjoyed it and felt like I accomplished something. So much so that we will be doing another one this month, and I think my daughter will be doing it with me.


What motivates/inspires you? I still remember the feeling of defeat, nervousness, and anxiety the first couple months at CrossFit Algiers, not from the box, but my on internal fears.  From DNF after DNF, to having to scale everything and thinking about quitting….And I still remember that moment when that all changed for me…

It was a workout that involved running and everyone was done but me. I was feeling embarrassed and down, and as I turned the corner to the back alley, I was ready to walk again, but to my surprise and amazement, I saw every single of my classmates and coach waiting to run the final back stretch with me.  That was the moment I knew this box for me.  Y’all picked up my spirits that day, and have been carrying, motivating, and inspiring me everyday day since.   And for that I will be forever grateful.

So to answer the questions, definitely my fellow Crossfitters.  Seeing each and every one crushing workouts and their goals inspires me to attack mine head on.

I always thought that there would be no better feeling that accomplishing one of my own goals, but seeing a fellow CrossFit athlete’s face when they realize that they just did something that they once thought was impossible for them to do, I get even more excited for them and motivated.

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through CrossFit. I would eventually like to be able to do all of the movements and not have to scale.  My immediate goals are to be able to my first pullup, and to finally get to 100 lbs down from when I started at CrossFit Algiers.

What goals have you achieved in CrossFit? When I first started in 2018, Andy had me write down my goals.  They were to lose 50 lbs, be able to run a mile without stopping, Eat better, be able to touch my toes, and get my first pull up.  I have been able to get everything but my first pull up, but I am coming for it!

Hobbies/interests outside of CrossFit: I enjoy playing volleyball, traveling, festivals, and live music.

Tell me about your diet:  Lately I have found some success with the keto diet.  But I also believe some of the success I have found is just by monitoring and tracking what is going into my body.  I also have tried some intermittent fasting.  I have found things that I like that I can have on the diet and focus on eating those. I try not to eat the same thing every day because that will make me want to cheat. I also learned that it’s ok to cheat sometimes.  Just in moderation, and not to let one cheat day turn into being off your diet and just eating anything and everything.  I also have found some good recipes on Coach India’s Instagram and on Pinterest.

Any advice for new members? My advice to new members is to stick with it.  Keep coming to class.  Keep pushing. Ask questions.  Talk to your classmates about your struggles.  Ask for advice.  Take notice of your small improvements in progress.   Running your first 400m without stopping.  Doing the most ring rows or situps you have done without stopping.  Not all progress is scale related. Take notice of your non scale victories.   Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It was built “brick by brick”, and every brick counts.