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Westbank Warrior of the Month – December 2018

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Name:   Leslie Wilson


Age: 48

Occupation: Financial Analyst


Which class do you usually attend? 6:15pm


Favorite WOD: Weightlifting


Favorite Lift: Back squat and deadlift


How long have you been CrossFitting? July 2017 Foundations class.


What keeps you coming back? The progress that I see in myself and the support of the teammates in the gym.


How did you find CrossFit?  My husband had mentioned something about Crossfit.  He tried a few boxes and then he found Crossfit Algiers through a “bring a friend day”.   He signed us up for the Foundations course. He said Crossfit Algiers was very family oriented and that of the few he had visited, this one seemed to be the best fit for us.

What is your athletic background? I’ve always hated sports and anything athletic my entire life.  In school, I hated PE Class. It was probably my worst subject.


How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness?  I started CrossFit extremely slowly.  Now, I love coming to the gym and would rather come here than go out to a bar.  I am more self-assured, confident, and overall happy.

Is there something you have done here that you never thought you could do? Basically Everything!!  I was petrified of the weightlifting.  Funny now, because weightlifting days are my favorite now.

What motivates/inspires you? I love seeing the improvements that I make in my wods and my weight lifting albeit small improvements.  I also love seeing the improvements that everyone in the gym makes in themselves and in crushing their goals, whether they are beginners or well-seasoned athletes.


What goals have you achieved so far, and what else do you want to accomplish? My proudest goal was running 1 mile without stopping to walk and then running an entire 5k.  I really just want to continue to improve every day in all tasks that are put before me.


Hobbies/interests outside of CrossFit?  Competing in Barn Hunt competitions with my dog Santa, riding the motorcycle with my husband Michael, and spending time with the grandchildren.

Any advice for new members?

Don’t be intimidated by the workouts in the gym. Every movement can be scaled to your ability. Keep coming, keep working at it, and it will happen. You will be able to do it.