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Things I Learned From CrossFit

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I’m almost a decade in on this CrossFit thing.

I’m stronger and faster than I was at 34. I’m happier, too.

What has CrossFit taught me? More than I could write. But here’s a few right at the top:

  1. To breathe more deeply
  2. To love more abundantly
  3. To risk more courageously
  4. To accept more humbly
  5. To live more ferociously

I would have never believed that an exercise program could do this for someone. And then, it happened to me.

So if I seem a little crazed when I try to get you in the gym — a little over the top, with too much enthusiasm — now you at least know why.

It’s not about the business, although this business means the world to me. It’s about giving you this tool that could turn out to be your magic key, too.

With love and hope for you and this brand new year,


Coach Jodi