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There I was, crying in the bathroom of the La Quinta

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Three years ago this month, I told my boss I was moving to New Orleans to open a CrossFit gym. Without a job, a house or a money to actually do any of those things. When we arrived later that summer, it was the two kids, two dogs and two cats plus Andy and me in a hotel room for weeks while we tried to sort out our new lives.

At one point, when our house purchase broke down, I remember locking the door to the bathroom, sitting on the floor in tears, asking, “Dear God, what have I done to my family?”

Here we are, three years later, and I can tell you what moving here has done. It’s opened our hearts and minds in ways I could have never imagined. We have more than friends here, more than clients – we have a family.

It’s given us roots where we had none before. Our daughter joins the Green Wave at Tulane this year, and Jax is a Lusher Lion. We are part of the community through organizations like the Algiers Economic Development Foundation and New Orleans Bulldog Rescue. We’ve been invited to family crawfish boils, and even learned how to put on one ourselves.

I think things would have been different if we’d opened a restaurant, or a dry cleaners. Something about CrossFit is special, and a whole lot about CrossFit Algiers is special, because of you – our coaches and our athletes. Without CrossFit, I would have never had the courage to even be here in the first place. So this month’s message is just one of gratitude. I’m so grateful to have found CrossFit, and I am so grateful to be sharing it in this community with you.


All the best,


Coach Jodi