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September 2016 Athlete of the Month

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Name: Holly Dix


Age: 25


Occupation: USCG Helicopter Pilot (MH65-D)


Which class do you usually attend? 6:15PM


Favorite WOD: None in particular.  I love AMRAP workouts with variety!


Favorite Lift: Clean & Jerk


How long have you been CrossFitting? 15 months


How did you find CrossFit?

I drove past the sign enough times to finally get the nerve to check it out!  I used to be really biased about Crossfit until I realized it was everything I had been missing.IMG_8339


What is your athletic background?

I played field hockey and softball in high school but was never any good.  It wasn’t until I went to college and discovered rowing that I got serious about athletics.  I fell in love with rowing and racing and always pushed myself to get stronger and faster.  I finished my college rowing career racing at Nationals and placing 5th for D3.


How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle and level of fitness? 

After college I was lost in the fitness world for a long time.  I did everything from 24 hour gyms to yoga to Shaun T’s Insanity workout DVDs.  They would do the trick for awhile but I would eventually get bored and crave something different.  CrossFit gives me that variety, intensity, competition I was looking for while also still being a part of a team in a sense.  I’ve made so many new relationships and friendships with the people I CrossFit with.  It’s a place I enjoy going to because even if it’s a miserable workout, doing it with a supportive group makes it so worth it.


Is there something you have done here that you never thought you could do? 

So many things! Rope climbs, pull-ups, handstand push-ups, double-unders.


What motivates/inspires you? 

New challenges motivate me the most.  My husband, Erich, is always pushing me to try new athletic events.  We’ve signed up for bike races, half marathons, triathlons (even though we were pretty terrible) – all for a new challenge and experience.

My biggest inspiration is watching people hit their goals!  It a lways inspires me to keep pushing myself and keep reaching for more.


What goals have you achieved so far, and what else do you want to accomplish?

Finally getting my first pull-up was such a huge accomplishment! I’m still always working on those trying to get higher rep counts.  My next biggest tackle is strict ring dips.


Hobbies/interests outside of CrossFit?

I love woodworking, my dog Annie, and being outside!


Any advice for new members?

Set goals for yourself and slowly chip away at them. Progress doesn’t happen over night but showing up and getting stronger everyday is what gets you to those goals.