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Sales and Recipes 7/22/15

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I’ve missed a week or two in posting the sales. Hopefully, no one went broke in my absence. Or resorted to crappy prepared foods. Life’s too short to eat bad food. Take advantage of these sales and recipes to get you set for the week! Prices good July 22-28.


Rouse’s is the best bet this week, and if you don’t have a Rouse’s near you, I’m sorry. I love this grocery store, and their bakery is fantastic, if you’re in the mood for a cheat meal. But for the day to day…

Boston Butt .99/lb. Boston butt is actually the pig’s shoulder, and it’s perfect for slow cooking, or for this recipe (one of my favorites) from PaleOMG. Char Sui (Roast Chinese Pork)

Black Puppy Drum filets: $4.99/lb. Because we all should eat more fish. And because I love fish tacos. The recipe from Paleo Leap recommends making cauliflower tortillas. I’d probably eat the regular tortillas, or do a lettuce wrap (lettuce is on sale, too 🙂 Paleo Fish Tacos

Rib Eye steaks: $5.99/lb. And they’re relatively local – from Texas Gulf Coast.

Avocados: .77/each

Romaine lettuce 3 packs: 2 for $5


Winn Dixie

Berries – black and blue, $2/pint

Chicken drumsticks or thighs: $1/lb

Split chicken breasts (my favorite cut, if I’m not doing the whole chicken): $1.65/lb

Red, yellow or orange peppers: $1/each

Red or green apples: $1/lb


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