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Nat’l Powerlifting Champ and Coach to Lead Seminar at CrossFit Algiers in New Orleans April 15

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Tim Sparkes, owner of Die Hard Gym, the Mecca of Powerlifting in Arizona, is coming to New Orleans!

At Die Hard, Tim has created hundreds of national champions in powerlifting as well as bodybuilding. He is the USPA Arizona State Chairman and a nationally-certified referee in three powerlifting federations.

His gym ┬áhome to dozens of world-champion power lifters, It’s a hub for serious weightlifters in the West , many of whom describe it as home to their second family.

Tim Sparkes opened the gym more than 10 years ago, and he has worked to instill a love of power lifting in all of his clients, from teenagers to runners to lifters who usually care more about aesthetics than strength.

He will be teaching and refining the squat, bench press and deadlift to a SMALL group of people on April 15 at CrossFit Algiers from noon to 4 p.m.

Beginners are welcome, and the most experienced lifters will learn something that will MAKE YOU BETTER, too.

Tickets are only available through advance registration. Contact to secure YOURS. Cost is $109 for early registration, and includes a t-shirt (before March 15) and $139 for late registration (no shirt, sorry.)

Tim is a 13 time world deadlifting champion, 14 time national deadlifting champion, 2 time world powerlifting champion, 2 time national powerlifting champion, 2 time Mr. Olympia powerlifting champion, and holds 70 different state, regional and world records in five different powerlifting federations.

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