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Meal prep using local sales

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may 3 meals
On the menu at Chez Jodi this week. Saturday’s a “fend for yourself” day – we’ll scrounge the pantry and fridge for leftovers.

I’m a compulsive list-maker. Nowhere is this more true than for meal prep. Every week, usually on Sunday morning, I sit down with the local grocery ads, and I list out the next six days of food for my family. We seldom eat out, and one offspring refuses to eat school lunch, so the food I buy and cook has to feed the four of us about three times a day (the male offspring has a more frequent feeding schedule.)

I don’t list out our breakfasts and lunches – it’s assumed at our house that lunch is leftovers, and our breakfasts don’t vary. One offspring eats protein bars, and the other three family members usually have eggs. So the planning list is focused on dinners, where we eat together as a family.

The meals aren’t all Paleo, and they aren’t all super-healthy. They are, however, meals that I know my family will eat, and they are made at home where I can control the ingredients and preparation. You’ll see baked potatoes on the list, and pasta and rice. These aren’t items that I’d recommend on the regular if you’re trying to lose weight, but right now, no one in my family is on a weight-loss diet. When I’m training for a competition, I don’t partake in those side dishes.

Meals are planned around the sales that week. My dirty secret is that I use these sales to price match at Walmart. I hate Walmart, but I also hate being broke and making multiple trips to stores around the city. Sale ads come out in the newspaper on Wednesdays, or you can search for the various store’s weekly sales online. Sunday papers also sometimes have special “3-day” sales for some stores. I make a list with the sale item and cost, and take my list and the sale paper to Walmart (or make the hubs do it – price matching isn’t for the faint at heart.)

may 3 grocery list
Actual grocery list – I already had some of the items for this week purchased previously.

Here’s what we have planned for the week of May 3, along with the local sales I found particularly appealing this week. Hope it’s helpful to you in your planning. There’s no meal listed for Sunday because we have tons of leftovers from entertaining last night, and because the kids eat at church on Sunday evenings.

  • Monday:

  • Pineapple and ginger marinated roast chicken leg quarters (inspired by .39/lb sale on 10-bags of leg quarters at Rouse’s this week.)
  • Roasted cauliflower (inspired by $1 cauliflower heads at Winn Dixie)
  • Couscous
  • Tuesday:

  • Grilled boneless ribeye steaks (on sale for $5.99/lb at Sav-A-Lot)
  • Corn on the cob (on sale for 3 for $1 at Sav-A-Lot)
  • Salad
  • Wednesday:

  • Roast turkey (Honeysuckle white frozen turkeys on sale for $1.39/lb at Sav-A-Lot)
  • Baked eggplants
  • Baked potatoes (10lb bag of Russets for $2.99 at Sav-A-Lot)
  • Thursday:

  • Turkey or steak burritos from leftovers
  • Mango and avocado salad (mangoes and avocados on sale for .59 each at Rouse’s)
  • Mexican rice
  • Friday:

  • Turkey tetrazzini
  • Salad
  • garlic bread
  • Saturday:

  • Grilled pork chops (sirloin pork chops .97/lb at Rouse’s)
  • Green beans
  • Baked potatoes/sweet potatoes



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