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Make up wearing gym girls

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Silly females wearing make up to the gym. You can’t be a real athlete; you’re wearing eyeliner! Sounds legit, right? I’ve got a confession, though.

Sometimes I put on make up before I go to the gym.

I’m not trying to pick any one up. I’m the most married person I know. I’m not particularly vain. I’m well aware that I’m about average looking on my best days.

But I’m forty-one years old, and a little make up has been part of my routine for the last three decades. If I’m going to the gym, and it’s not a five a.m. workout, I’ll put on a some concealer to disguise the purple crescent rolls under my eyes, and maybe some lipstick and mascara. No big deal. And yet, it feels like a big deal. I wouldn’t want anyone to KNOW I had put on make up. Especially not at CrossFit, where I’m only supposed to be worried about my performance, and not concerned with anything so shallow as appearance.

Well, isn’t it more shallow to pretend to not care, when I really do?

CrossFit has a way of stripping down our masks, cosmetic or otherwise. My gym family knows who I am, not because of the clothes or the make up I (sometimes) wear.




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