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JT HAMplan

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CrossFit Algiers – CrossFit


JT HAMplan (Time)



Handstand Push-ups

Ring Dips

Level 2:

For Time:


Handstand Push-ups


Ring Dips


Level 1:

For Time:


Seated DB Shoulder Press

Bench or Box Dips


*Scale to knees or a box if needed.

Accessory & Stretching

Metcon (No Measure)


100 Banded Pull Apart

100 Banded Face Pulls

100 Banded Hammer Curls*

*Use a light to medium band.


3 Sets:

:30 Windmills Forward

:30 Arm Swings Front to Back

:30 Easy Single Arm Ring Rows

:30 Wall Squats to a Target

Extra Work

Extra Work – Week of 05OCT20 (No Measure)

Extra Work: Engine 1

8 Sets:

Row 500/400m

Rest 1:00

— Hold the same pace across all sets. Next week we will increase the distance for this to 1000/800m and increase time between sets.

— Solid benchmark paces are around 1:45/500m and 2:00/500m.

Extra Work: Engine 2

3 Rounds

100 Double Unders

1:30 Weighted Sit-Ups (50/35#)*

*Use a single DB

Rest 2:00 Between Rounds

Extra Work: Skill

5:00 Practice:

Accumulate Handstand Hold

– Rest 5:00

5:00 Max Pistols

— Adjust the handstand hold as needed. You can modify to practice a hold against a wall or with your feet on a box in a pike position.

— Alternate legs on each rep of the pistols. The goal is to practice pistols with your heels down and with as much range of motion as possible.

Extra Work: Midline

4 Sets:

15 Strict Toe-To-Bar

:60 Max V-Ups

rest :60 b/t rounds

— Keeping your feet slightly in front of your body at the bottom of the movement and slowing your descent will keep your body from swinging. Maintain control and try to make these Toe-To-Bar as strict as possible.