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Happy New Year and Happy Shred U!

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As far as I’m concerned, the year starts in October. It’s my favorite time of year, and all those back to school and fall vibes make it seem more appropriate for resolutions then in the dark days of January. That’s why I created Shred U as a fall event – it’s the perfect time to get your fitness and nutrition on track before the holiday madness,  and before all the other January 1 warriors.

Shred U is the most individualized program we run, outside of personal training. During these six weeks, you’re going to get the best our coaches have to give.  You’ll also get dedicated extra gym time – something that never happens any other time of the year. It’s an opportunity to test yourself, and to make an amazing transformation.

As much as your coaches and your teammates will give, however, the real key to your success is you. Here’s my top five tips to be successful:

  1. Clear your calendar – There’s going to be plenty of time to celebrate after Nov. 17. From day one until re-test day, we want you focused on your training. Make your team workouts – both times, every week. Tell your friends and family, and let them know to expect you heading to sleep early and demurring from sweet treats and drinking.
  2. Take care of your team – I see it every time. The most successful people are the ones who care about the success of their team. They are the ones who always cheer their teammates on, and who have high fives and fist bumps after the workout.
  3. Food Matters – Train hard, but eat dirty? That is the fastest way to derail your progress. Learn how to meal prep healthy foods, and have them ready, or outsource your nutrition with pre-made meals. Don’t leave it up to chance.
  4. Recover as hard as you train – We’re going to be asking 100% in every workout, and you can’t give 100% if you don’t recover properly. Sleep is crucial, and the 8 hour rule applies. Lack of sleep screws up your hormones, and that screws up your progress. Be as disciplined about sleep as you are about training and nutrition.
  5. Take it one day at a time – If you think about six weeks of clean eating and hard training, it may seem overwhelming. But ANYONE can eat clean and train hard for one day.  Just focus on the next work out, the next meal, and keep making good choices. It’ll go by faster than you think!