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HAM at Home – 15SEP20

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CrossFit Algiers – Home Workouts


Warm-up (No Measure)

[Backpack Complex Warm-up](

— Use a light DB in place of your backpack.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


1 DB Strict Press

1 DB Deadlift

1 Burpee Over DB

2 DB Strict Press

2 DB Deadlift

2 Burpee Over DB

3 DB Strict Press

3 DB Deadlift

3 Burpee Over DB*

*Continue this pattern until the clock expires.

— If you have a light set of Dbs then start at 2/2/2 and increase reps by 2 each new round.

— If you only have a single DB perform 1 strict press on each arm, 1 deadlift on each side and then 1 burpee. On round 2 perform 2 strict presses each arm, 2 deadlift on each side, and then 2 burpee.



1 Backpack Strict Press

1 Backpack Deadlift

1 Burpee Over Backpack

2 Backpack Strict Press

2 Backpack Deadlift

2 Burpee Over Backpack

3 Backpack Strict Press

3 Backpack Deadlift

3 Burpee Over Backpack

*Continue this pattern until the clock expires.

Accessory & Stretching

Metcon (No Measure)



50 Weighted Sit-ups

:60 Side Plank Left

:60 SIde Plank Right

50 Weighted Sit-ups


AMRAP 6:00

10 Arm Circles or PVC Pass Through

10 Wall Slides

10 PVC or Unweighted Cuban Press

20 Alternating Hamstring Scoop Stretch