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HAM at Home – 05AUG20

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CrossFit Algiers – Home Workouts


Warm-up (No Measure)

“Modified Hinshaw Warm-up”

2x through

*Perform 2 inchworm + push-up after each 30′ section*

30′ walk on toes

30′ yd walk on toes backwards

30′ walk on heels

30′ walk feet turned out

30′ walk feet turned in

30′ lunge steps w/ arms stretched overhead

30′ heel toe hamstring stretch

30′ high knees

30′ butt kickers


Metcon (Time)


For Time:

800m Run

80 Jumps Over DB

600m Run

60 Jumps Over DB

400m Run

40 Jumps Over DB

200m Run

20 Jumps Over DB*

• Turn the DB straight up to increase the height of jump.

No Equipment:

For Time:

800m Run

40 Up-Downs

600m Run

30 Up-Downs

400m Run

20 Up-Downs

200m Run

10 Up-Downs

Accessory & Stretching

Metcon (No Measure)



Max Strict Pull-ups or DB Bent Over Rows.

— Use a backpack for bent over rows if no equipment.


5 Sets:

10 Leg Swings / Leg

:30 Calf Stretch / Leg

20 High Knees in Place