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Grocery sales ending June 24 plus recipes

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Good news! Steaks are back on sale at Sav-A-Lot (or for matching at Wal-Mart.) $5.99/lb for boneless ribeyes. Ribeyes have a ton of fat, but they’re pretty much the most delicious steak you can buy. Stock up and put them in the freezer!

Chicken-fest. Winn-Dixie’s got the hookup this week on all kinds of chicken.

Whole fryers Р$1.25/lb. Perfect for roasting, and then you can use the carcasses for soup. Here are several chicken soup ideas from Paleo Grubs. Paleo Chicken Soup Recipes

But if you need a quicker option, WD also has boneless, skinless breast on sale for $2.45/lb, or boneless skinless thighs for $2.49/lb. Thighs are amazing on the grill, and don’t dry out like the breasts do.

Produce on sale at Sav-A-Lot inclues cherries at $2.49/lb or pineapples at $1.29 each.

Happy shopping!

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