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Get the Most out of your CrossFit Membership

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By Eric Palmer,

CrossFit Algiers L-1 Trainer

Maybe you’ve just decided to give this CrossFit thing a try. Maybe you’ve been doing it for a while and want to know how to make it work even better for you. I have a few tips here for you to be able to get the most out of your CrossFit experience.

Make it routine – the concept is simple: more frequently you go, the better this works. I go to the 5:15 am class every week day. Like, EVERY one. If I miss a class, my whole day is thrown off – I feel tired, out of it, just not right. It’s a part of my routine just as much as having a cup of coffee when I wake up or brushing my teeth; without it my day hasn’t really begun. I’m not saying you MUST go every day, but the more you make it something that is just a given that you’re going to do, the less it feels like it is eating into your schedule.

This goes in-hand with routine, but CONSISTENCY is the key to making any long-term change. Fitness does not occur overnight – it is a lengthy process. You can’t expect to have consistent results moving in the right direction unless you’re consistent with your training (ahem – and your diet) over the long-haul. Coming to class once or maybe twice a week for a couple of months and then trying cram your fitness into a few weeks before your beach vacation won’t do anything other than get you sore for your vacation. Fitness is a long-term commitment that requires you to consistently, over months and years to maintain your commitment and consistency.

Make a commitment – you’ve decided to do this CrossFit thing. Yeah, it might be difficult to work your schedule so that you can make the classes routinely. But guess what? Just because it seems difficult doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You can find a way to re-arrange your life enough to make one of the classes work for you. Otherwise, you never would’ve signed up. If fitness is important to you, you can make it work. It’s not that hard.

To me, morning workouts are the best to ensure that you get it done – not much can get in the way of your workout before 5:15 am – but if early mornings just don’t work for you, be strategic with your day so you don’t sabotage your motivation or your workout. If you can’t get to a class until one of the evening classes, go straight from work to the gym. DO NOT GO HOME AFTER WORK. Bring your gym clothes with you in the morning. It is WAY too easy to settle into the couch after a long day and think to yourself “eh, I’ll go tomorrow”. Set yourself up for success by removing obstacles from your routine so you have no excuses to skip your workout.

Engage in the gym’s social events. Come have fun with us outside of the gym! We’re lucky to be blessed with some great people at CrossFit Algiers. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more genuinely caring group of people anywhere. Get to know them outside of the four walls of the box; develop those relationships in the real world and you’ll just be more excited to get to see your friends at the gym – it’s a self-perpetuating reward cycle!

To keep yourself engaged, set goals. All unlimited athletes at CrossFit Algiers are assigned a Goal Coach from among our coaches to help you with goas you might have. It is incumbent upon YOU, the athlete, to let your goad coach know that you want to set your goals, and to meet with him or her to go over goal setting and progress. Typically, open gym sessions on 9 am on the Saturdays that each coach is working are available for goal setting with your Goal Coach. We have all this data from recording all of our workouts – use it to your advantage, engage, and set your sights high! We all know that the more we put into something, the more we’re going to get out of it. We’re here to help you, and we have so many resources to do so. I promise you that the more you engage with the process, the more you’ll get out of it.