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Five Ways to Be The Best In Class

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Here’s a secret for you. Your coaches love you. They’re crazy about y’all. But there are a few things that really make a coach swoon. If you do all five, I guarantee you’ll be at the top of the leaderboard of our hearts.

  1. Reserve your classes in advance. We check Wodify too, and we use the class reservations to plan your experience. Reservations let us know how to make it the best class we can. If we know you’re coming, we’ll do everything to personalize your experience. Don’t “sign in” until you get there, though. If you sign in early and don’t make it, it causes issues the coach has to fix later.
  2. Arrive on time, ready to work. Every second in class is precious to us, and we want you there for all of them. We know life happens, but I promise you’ll miss something when you’re not there in time, and it’s disruptive to the other athletes and class flow. Do your best to get there, and we’ll do our best to make it worth your while.
  3. Give your coach your full attention during the warm up and cool down. When your coach is talking, you should be listening. We want you to the best athlete you can, and we can’t help you do that if you’re carrying on side conversations with your buddies, getting your lifters on or getting equipment out. Trust your coach – they’ll give you the time you need to get set up. But if you were in the other room when they explained the workout, they won’t look kindly on explaining it again.
  4. Be kind to the equipment, and clean up after your workout. Your coaches take a lot of pride in the box. They all spend time cleaning and maintaining your equipment. Show the same respect by unloading barbells carefully, loading appropriate weights on the bars, and maintaining control of your equipment when you’re using it. After the workout, check your area for chalk, sweat or other DNA and clean it up. Take your water bottles with you or dispose of them before you leave. Keep the place nice for everyone.
  5. Always encourage, but leave the coaching to the coaches. This is a tricky one. We know you want to help the other athletes. The best way to help is to encourage, cheer and support. Don’t offer technique advice or other “coaching” stuff. The coaches know the athletes, and they may be working with someone one aspect of technique. Your advice could confuse the person you’re trying to help, and it could undermine the progressions that your coach has planned. If someone asks you for advice, refer them to the coach. That’s what we’re here for.

Thank you for all you guys do to make CrossFit Algiers the best damn gym in the city.