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First date jitters

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Visiting CF NOLA

Few things make me more nervous than visiting a new box. Don’t get me wrong – I love  new places and learning more about how the rest of the world does this CrossFit thing. And yet, I still feel like a schoolgirl on her first date when I walk in to a box for the first time.

Will the people be nice, or will there be cliques? Is the workout full of things I can’t do, or does it have something I’ll smash? What if everyone’s better than me? What if everyone’s WORSE than me (Disclaimer: I’ve never been to a box where everyone’s worse than me. But still.)

The worry and the fear have little to do with who I actually am, and everything to do with how I want others to see me. It’s the little voice we carry around, saying “You’re not good enough. Who do you think you ARE? They’ll see right through you.”

But somewhere along the way, at every single box I’ve visited, those doubts evaporate. It usually happens a couple of minutes into the workout, when my focus shrinks from the world around me and settles on the work in front of me. Scary voices don’t stand a chance when you’re sucking wind from burpee box jumps, or pushing your body weight over your head. Scary voices shut the hell up in the presence of intense work.

And after the workout is over? Somehow that intimidating group of people has been transformed into a fellowship.

Visiting a new box may always start with jitters, but the beauty of CrossFit is that it doesn’t end there. I can’t imagine anything more cool than that.



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