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5 reasons to choose early morning workouts

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Yeah, I hear you – you’re not a morning person. You can’t get out of bed that early. Bullshit. Early morning workouts are great for a lot of reasons. Here are five:

1. Motivated counterparts. If you go to a 6 a.m. class, you can be sure that the other athletes there are going to be focused. You don’t have to deal with the social cliques. People don’t come to the gym at that hour just to play around – you’ll be surrounded by inspiration.

2. Easier scheduling. Early morning workouts are great for busy people – and we’re all busy, right? But very few of us actually have other engagements planned for five a.m. And if you do, you need to rethink your social scheduling.

3. Fat loss. There is some research to suggest that working out in a fasted state, like how we all wake up, is beneficial for fat loss. It’s worth a shot to see if this timing works to your advantage.

4. Impact on significant others. If you do your workout at dawn, you’re not taking time away from your friends and family. They’re probably still sleeping. You get your workout in, and then you have time to share with them later in the day.

5. Carryover awesomeness. If you have already killed a heavy leg day or cardio session before the sun rises, I hope you don’t mind feeling like a badass the rest of the day. Because you’ll take the daily aggravations in stride when you compare them to the misery you’ve already conquered.

At CrossFit Algiers, we’ll have classes for early birds and in the evenings. Call, e-mail, or leave a message here to set up the perfect time for you.

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