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Definition: CrossFit

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One of the first things I ask people when they come to the gym is “What do you think CrossFit is?” I get all kinds of answers. “It’s a bunch of different stuff.” Or “Like what I saw on ESPN with the CrossFit Games.” Or “Aerobics plus weights.”

To be fair, the textbook definition from CrossFit Headquarters of “Constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity across broad time and modal domains” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

My definition of CrossFit is illustrated in the CrossFit Algiers mission: “Building Better People.” It’s broad and inclusive, because my staff and I don’t decide what “better” means to you – you do.

For some, “better” means getting back to their college weight and feeling confident in a swimsuit on vacation this year.

For others, it’s becoming the kind of person who works out several times a week for the first time in their life. Some of our people get “better” by connecting with a community that supports them in and out of the gym.

Building the capacity to compete in CrossFit or other sports is the “better” that some seek.

“Better” could mean having a positive, physical activity that connects them with their children or spouse.

Or maybe “better” means being finding a practice that helps someone manage depression, anxiety or addiction.

I’ve seen CrossFit Algiers do all those things.

It’s not enough to just say “Do CrossFit, and you will get there,” though. At CrossFit Algiers, we don’t define YOUR “better,” but we do give you the road map to get to it. Here’s what you can do to make it happen.

  1. Get really clear on what your “better” is
  2. Talk to your coaches. We care deeply about your personal goals, and we think about them every time we’re coaching you.
  3. Trust the process. “Better” doesn’t happen overnight.
  4. Do the work, and commit to yourself.
  5. Stay focused on what brought you in the door.

If someone asks you to define CrossFit, go ahead and tell them. I guarantee you won’t be wrong.

Yours in fitness,

Coach Jodi