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CrossFit Algiers - CrossFitWarm-upBurgener warm up 5-10-15 burpees/box step ups/light kettlebells x 2 (move to heavier kb or to overhead swing for round 2, test box height for WoD in round 2) Push press review/practice beginning with PVC pipe and moving to unloaded barbell and working up to WoD weight.…

Foundations X Session D

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CrossFit Algiers - Foundations XWarm-up5 Minute Jumprope/Double Under Practice Cat/cow stretches Post tricep & bully stretch, standing hamstring stretch 3 wallball toss/5 ring rows/5 wallballs x 2Skill instructionMedicine ball clean (Vaughn slow mo clean and jerk) (Berger coaching med ball clean) CrossFit 1 Reebok movement demoMetconMetcon (Time)3…


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CrossFit Algiers - CrossFitWarm-up3-2-1 minute row warm up - set rower for calories. Cat/cow stretches x 5 Post tricep stretch/post bully stretch/standing hamstring stretch 3 wallball toss/5 t2b/10 wallballs x 2 RX Plus: warm up cleans and muscle up practiceMetconMetcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)14:00 AMRAP: 60-calorie row 50 toes…