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CrossFit Algiers - CrossFitWarm-upRow 500m/Run 400m 10 PVC pipe pass throughs/whirly birds/good mornings x 2 Foam roll 5:00MetconMetcon (Time)3 RFT of: 30 calorie row 10 handstand pushups 30 double undersGymnastics10 x Hanging Straight Leg Raises (Double) 10 x Hanging Straight Leg Raises (Single, 5 ea) 20 x Seated Straddle Straight…


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CrossFit Algiers - CrossFitWarm-up3-2-1 Rowing HMD 2 x 4 Banded shoulder mobility 4:00 3 x 5 shoulder presses working up to WoD weight starting with unloaded barbellMetconMetcon (AMRAP - Reps)10 Rounds: 1:00 rowing Rest :15 :30 of 95/65# shoulder press Rest :15 Score is total calories rowed plus total reps…


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CrossFit Algiers - CrossFitGymnasticsIce Cream Maker skillzMetcon (Weight)Weighted pullups 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1 If you do not have pullups, work on pull up progressions.Warm-up300m row Foam roll lats / thoracic 6 x HMD Agility and Balance work -Bounding (linear and angular) -Cone drills -Single leg broad jumps