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CrossFit Algiers - CrossFitWorkoutWitch (Weight)Rx'D: Alternating EMOM 20:* 1) 5 Bench Press 2) 5 Power Clean *On the first minute perform 5 bench press. On the second minute perform 5 power cleans. Continue pattern until time expires. *Try using at least 65-70% for both lifts for all of your sets.…

JT HAMplan

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CrossFit Algiers - CrossFitWorkoutJT HAMplan (Time)Rx'D: 21-15-9 Handstand Push-ups Ring Dips Push-upsLevel 2: For Time: 12-9-6 Handstand Push-ups 21-15-9 Ring Dips Push-ups Level 1: For Time: 21-15-9 Seated DB Shoulder Press Bench or Box Dips Push-ups* *Scale to knees or a box if needed.Accessory & StretchingMetcon (No Measure)Accessory: 100 Banded…