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August 2015 Squat Challenge: Why and How We Squat

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By Jodi Lynn Jordan

CrossFit Algiers


The squat is the most fundamental of all movements. The first time we got ourselves to a standing position unassisted, you can bet we got there from a squat.  It’s not just a CrossFit thing – the squat is the default position for humans at rest. And yet, the squat is a movement that challenges even elite athletes.

For most of us, the squat is hard because we’ve been trained to sit in chairs for 8+ hours a day since we were schoolkids. We won’t break the habits of a lifetime by a one-month challenge, but we can use this challenge to improve our position and comfort in the squat.

So here are the rules: The goal is to accumulate the most time in the bottom of an unsupported squat, with a focus on good form always – hip crease below the knees, upright chest, heels on the floor, lumbar curve maintained, knees NOT caving in. Scoring is 1 minute = 1 point. Squats must be completed at the box, before or after class or during open gym. These don’t have to be consecutive minutes … you can squat a minute, rest a minute, squat a minute, etc. Write your scores on the white boards up front. At the end of the month, the athlete with the most points wins a lavish prize package, or probably at least a t-shirt.

Good luck, and happy squatting! Here are some resources to help.

Chris Spealler from Park City CrossFit teaches Squat Therapy

Improving the Squat with Kelly Starrett

Just Squat with Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder


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