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#800 Challenge – Tips from the Champ

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The following is a series of tips to improve your fruit and vegetable intake and crush the #800gChallenge from Christy Lynch, the winner of our inaugural challenge!

  1. Find veggies you truly like and find recipes that are as healthy as you can make but be sure to like the end result or you won’t look forward to eating them.  Personally, I use an air fryer for most and just spritz them with olive oil but will smother items like squash, zucchini, or rutabaga down with onions in olive oil in a cast iron skillet (the bomb!).  Spend a lot of time finding great recipes and constantly improve them.  My mom was so good at cooking vegetables as children we looked forward to artichoke night or spinach salad night.  (Go figure).
  2. Try new veggies at the Asian or middle eastern markets local groceries. 
  3. Learn what fruits you like and invest in learning how to obtain at the peak of their flavor.  (Be prepared to buy some fruit that is not ripe or too ripe in this learning process).  Perfectly flavored fruit is such a treat.  My fruit journey takes a detour around sugar and processed desserts (most days).  I find my taste buds respond to fruit more when there is no competition from sugar.
  4. Morning smoothies are a great way to get in spinach and/or frozen cauliflower.  They don’t really change the taste of the smoothie.  Smoothies are awesome with bananas but other fruit works well such as frozen peaches.  Add an avocado for magic.
  5. Salads are a wealth of variety.  Experiment with salads; go wild; and definitely find a healthy salad dressing you can make from scratch.  The best (I find) are made with the juice from lemons and limes with olive oil and another flavoring—my current favorite is pressed garlic.  Use different utensils to prep.  I use a mini food processor for carrots, tomatoes, and red onions.  To me, cherry tomatoes taste best, and tomatoes will extend your salad dressing so you can use less. Avocados will change any salad.  Add pepitas and/or pine nuts.  I roast them in the air fryer.  
  6. Use fresh cauliflower for hummus and celery for peanut butter (Rouses has fresh ground nut butters). 
  7. Consider doing a 21-day total body reset to change your tastes for veggies and fruits.  I have done this twice, and it really changed me.  The recipes!  Did I tell you about the recipes!  Oy Vey such goodness. 
  8. Also consider using an organic full meal replacement powder to fight against any nutritional imbalances that can send your body into craving overdrive.