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CrossFit Algiers – CrossFit


400m row/run

15 air squats

Ankle mobility/hip mobility/pistol practice to determine appropriate pistol scale if needed

10 Russian KBs followed by 10 OVH KBs to determine appropriate weight (have a coach check your form on the OVH)

10 Pushups

10 Pullups

Band/PVC pipe shoulder mobility


“The Legend” in honor of Chris Kyle. 233 reps = BUD/s Class 233.

Complete RX, as a partner workout, or scaled movements and reps.

Pistols: scale to squats

Kettlebells: scale weight, scale to Russian

CTF pushups: scale to knee pushups

Pullups: scale to banded or ring rows

Metcon (Time)

4 pistols

25 kettlebell swings @54/35

50 chest to floor pushups

75 pullups

50 chest to floor pushups

25 kettlebell swings

4 pistols

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