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5 Reasons To Choose Night Workouts

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I like the nightlife; I like to boogie … and maybe you do, too. Maybe you’re already sold on the after-work workout routine, but if you’re not, here are five reasons why you might want to change your mind.

  1. Motivation and Inspiration. No matter what has happened in their days, the night class warriors leave it at the door and show up with smiles, cheers and support for their classmates. They’ve made the gym a priority, even when hitting happy hour or vegging on the couch is calling their names. Determination gets them there, and they bring the positivity with them.
  2. Better performance. There’s a reason why most world records in running and swimming are set in the afternoon. If you’ve been up and moving around for several hours, you’re generally more ready for athletic amazement. When you work out at the crack of dawn, it’s like gunning a cold engine – especially if you’re a more “senior” athlete.
  3. Social fun. Night class are usually bigger and louder. People talk more, laugh more, dance more and hang out more than the morning classes. When the work of the day and the work out of the day is over, there’s time to relax, and it’s pretty common for classmates to have a “finisher” over dinner or drinks. 
  4. Fewer injuries. Perhaps it’s because of the time moving around before the workout begins, but research consistently shows more injuries happen in the morning.
  5. Hitting the snooze button. If someone tells you snoozing is wrong, get rid of them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

No matter what class time you choose, you’re going to feel better the rest of your day (and night) if you work out at CrossFit Algiers. There’s not a bad choice, so get a buddy (or yourself) over for a free trial.