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Scales Don’t Get to Vote

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By Jodi L. Jordan

CF-L2 coach, owner at CrossFit Algiers

We started our 6-week ShredU Challenge at CrossFit Algiers this week. We test and track a lot of things. One of them is weight.

Each of us gets on the scale, and it’s not particularly private. I have always hated getting on a scale, and I know a lot of you guys do, too. I want you to understand something – the scale is not a reflection of your value. It’s a piece of electronic equipment, and it doesn’t deserve a vote on how you feel.

Think about that for a second. Would you give your blender some agency over your emotional well-being? Your roomba? Don’t give that power away to the scale, either.

Our weight is a measurement, no more and no less. It’s one data point, out of many, to track our fitness. In ShredU, or whatever fitness you’re currently pursuing, it’s valuable to look at several measurements. We choose to use a couple of workouts that test strength and endurance, along with body fat testing. We also use the good old tape measure. Your body weight is part of the equation, but it’s not the most important, although I think many of us focus on it.

I’m not immune. I have enough social conditioning as a woman to get in my feelings about the numbers, too. Most of the year, I ignore body weight, because I enjoy focusing on things like the weight on my barbell instead. The problem is that things that don’t get measured don’t get managed. This year in ShredU testing, I was up about 10 pounds from the last time I looked. I wasn’t surprised, really, and I wasn’t devastated, either.

I hope I lose a few pounds, but I also want to get stronger, faster and all-around fitter. The scale can only tell me if I reach one of those goals. It doesn’t get to vote on my feelings, but I do, and I’m voting for happy.